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#BBAAUA Day 3: First Time S£x Experience

Posted by on December 2, 2019 0

Monday, 2nd Of December, 2019 (DAY 3)

All housemates are to talked about their first time s3x experience. Diana – Head of House and other Housemates share their experiences see below.


My first ever sex was actually painful I had it with my ex boyfriend
Just had to romance and enter the stadium 😹😹but it wasn’t long tho
It was painful and actually sweet☹😩
We had to go two rounds and I shouted I wasn’t doing again cos fed up at one stage cos I was scared of bin pregnant 😹first timer na that was all sha


On this fateful day, I went to visit a close pal and he has a cousin whom I’ve been crushing on but couldn’t express my feelings to cos I’m scared and shy cos shes kinda classy, it happened that my friend went to have his haircut and I was left with his cousin after some minutes he left I started noticing some unusual things but I held to my God.
I was lying flat on the bed in my pals room waiting for his return, all I knew was that something jumped on me, I was trying to get myself out but I was nailed down with a *romantic kiss*,we didn’t kiss up to 2 minutes and I *came* 😅😅😅probably because that was my first time, after my *caming experience* 😅😅😅,I felt heaven on earth, that was how it all started and we proceeded .
Well, *i went, came and conquered*😁😁

Swag Gee

My first ever sex experience is so mad with eniola
And it happened in my friend room
I asked eniola out on d 20 may 2015 and she accepted after one week ,I invited her over to my friend house and when she arrived I entertain her with nutri-milk because I don’t have much then ,we gist and romance each other
,We later move to my friend room and start romancing again,I shoke her nipple and kiss her deep then we off our clothes and had sex

Puff Daddy

My first sex was immediately after my secondary School graduation, i was in Lagos then, so that day a lady that came to visit my mom she couldn’t go back to her house because it was late already, so she decided to spend the night with us.
11 o’clock we were watching bb naija, that was the year EFE won. If can remember very well.
So she said I should help her pull down her clothe sip because of heat, I did anyways and I went back to the cushion I was sitting on.i dozed and woke up 12 or after 12. I saw her pressing her phone ,I teased her a bit and lied down beside her😎, she asked if I was a virgin and I said yes and she was like in 2017????😂. She said she knows I might have had a foreplay before, so she said why don’t we try it together😨.
I was scared because she is roughly 9 or 8 years older than me🚶🏾.we did and she took off my pyjamas😼
When my dick entered her Virgina , I was scared, I was like why is it wet😂
She said “do you want to see it?? I said no because it is hairy 🚶🏾I did it for like 5 minutes and I stopped, I said it my first time, am satisfied..
However my first has been my last till today, I don’t know what might happen tomorrow🌶
*I came I saw, but till this day I haven’t conquered*


On this fateful day, I called my girlfriend bck then to meet me at one of my friends place after we were through with our mathematics exam (waec 2013)

She didn’t even argue with me, she promised to come immediately she finished eating and I was like heaven will fall today 🙈 I’m fully ready for the battle that is about to start. Haven’t done that once but lots of classmates then thought I’m an expert. Even my gf was thinking I’m a *badman*
It’s not up to 15minutes, she came knocking on my friends door (Segun) while Segun has gone out, coz I told him I will be using his room on that day. I opened and we both sat on the bed (no chair) after some talks, I tried to kiss her as usual. She kissed me too and after some time she asked me that why am I used to kissing all the time (o ti n ba nkan bo) I answered and said I just like it.(she didn’t even know that I’m just using scope so as to shoot my main target) I was scared at first maybe she won’t agree to Hve sex with me but she hugged me tight and started the whole thing. I can’t control myself again, it looks like I’m drunk. I’m not sure its up to 1 or 2 minutes, the water has poured away and the strong thing before is no longer strong. *i can’t continue again* I just had to stop

She didn’t wanna let me go but……..


My first ever sex experience was when wit my mom’s friend daughter dah came to spend holiday wit us😌. Chaii dah girl ehn, she carry Dis thing😋 and dah was 2015 when I finished sec school. That night was a awesome night, coz we’ve been giving ourselves Sign☺ you know dah kind stuff na😉. So this was how it happened, my mum told me dah night not to sleep in d same room wit d girl😒 and me that I’ve already planned that the virgin of a thing will end dah night, so I quickly told d girl dah m coming when everybody is asleep. And you know as a Fine boy na🥰😌 d girl don fall patapata😉. She dinnur even complain. When its exactly 1:30am I quickly wake, coz dah kind moment sleep no go come na😂. That’s how I sneak into her room ooh, and we started Di’s thing we’re talking about😋😋. It twas even d girl giving me styles on d bed🤦‍♂ you know virgin life den na😂 no style wey I sabi den. Only Daddy and Mummy style😂😂. I lasted for just 1 minutes at d first round🤣. Immediately I discovered twas a sweet thing. I die there ni oo😂😂🤣, she started giving me styles like: Doggy, scissors and B.j😌. Buh seriously dah thing dey Sweet ooh😋🥰. Buh d funniest part of d story was DAT I slept off in her room😂😂😂🤣. When my mum wanted to wake me up in d following morning, she couldn’t find me in my room anymore😂😂🤣. NASO YAWA GASS OO🤣 she started looking for me in d house and found me in d girl’s room😂😂 . Wetin I won tok say I dey find for her room??🤷‍♂ that’s how i changed it for my mum ooh that I don’t know how I got there🤷‍♂😂🤣. Con see beating dah Day😂🤣🤣


You know what’s beautiful about the first time you fall in love? The complete innocence of it all. The rush of emotions, the happiness, the seeing their face in your eba when you eat.

The first time is always wonderful, and this is a story about mine.

As if being in love wasn’t enough, the object of my affection was named “Ifunanya” kee me

Till date, as is the case with love, i can’t explain exactly what about her roped me in.

I can remember how whenever the bell for break rang, immense joy filled me Cos oh here she comes.

Everything felt special with her. A hug wasn’t a hug, it came with electricity that zapped my entire being with excitement, leaving me with warmth.

A smile wasn’t a smile. Babe had my full Mumu remote containing several buttons with which did inexplicable things to me
A kiss wasn’t a kiss. Our first time was my first time and brethren, after hinting my mates that I had been orally disvirgined, I went home with a joy that no man could take away. How can you ask me to brush my mouth? Are you mad? That strong stench is nothing but true love abeg.
Even at home the day of my first kiss, 4th July(yes I remember the date bite me) MUmsI noticed something was different. I was scrubbing the back of pot with so much kiss inspired vigor, a chore I wouldn’t be caught dead doing on a normal day. What’s up she asked?

Me: *Nothing ma*

So i remember one Valentine’s Day. A young me was starving myself saving money to buy my beau gift.

I needed to starve; yes love is pain.

She deserved a gift; Love is giving.

I recruited progress to go with me, who suggested I buy Panties and a teddy bear.

All she gave me was a note

“As time runs forever so will my love for you”

Hey God! Baby girl kill me. I saved that note which funny enough I still have till date

It was all perfect and sweet and we had even planned children’s names sef. You know how these things go.
So one faithful day we just doing the normal kissing of a thing then babe whisper *Stanley* off your trouser.. just like flash already naked.. to cut the long story short @⁨Bankie Louis AAUA⁩
I lost my virginity😊
no Words can describe it. And I won’t even try.

Everything was a blissful as can be, as happy as can be


So,twas on a Friday night and in my favorite Month *March*, I went to see him at home and was cuddled up in his arms
Our breath clashed each other and was expecting nothing much than just for us to make out☺
For few minutes I was lost in the hot romance and felt like going bananas😂
Eventually we got to the point of penetration and I could feel the anticipation leading to the moment,at first I was scared and anxious about how it will go hoping I would meet his expectation and whether it would be nice🙈
Twas actually painful o but trust me twas sweet😉


My first sex experience
“I was in secondary school and in my SSS1 of college. The girl I lost my virginity with was a good friend of mine. One night, we were both coming back from a prep In the dinning hall, we started flirting and making out. When we got back to her dorm, we went at it. Five minutes in, we heard a voice say, ‘What are you guys doing?!’ It was her our friend watching us from a corner, staring at us bed. We were so busy hooking up that we forgot to check if she was asleep.

Victor AY

First sex experience 🤣
Y’all know life begins after secondary school now? That’s how I just graduated idleness of waiting for jamb made me try out my toasting skills with this fine belle. She gree, she no now say I be JJC that time. That’s how aunty came to my house for the first time and started giving weird signs, I have watched enough porn to know when a step mother wants her son to fuck her 🤣 “be talking boring things there o, I will soon be going” aunty said. Me as a sharp nigga with expertise in breast manhandling quickly handled that soft kpomo 😂 aunty no still dey satisfied, she drag my hand to her kpekus and started giving me one kind tiwa savage soundtrack. Warri no dey carry last, trouser don off 2 seconds 😂 when I first see those two holes I confuse which one to chuk, I chuk the last one and aunty literally said wrong road 😂 once I chuk am chuku chuku I sha know say I dey hump and we dey sing 9 lessons and carol, when my own song start to high, she dey shout pull out! Pull out ke? Make I jump from moving train, we die here. As I finish like this, I started thinking of baby names 😂😂


You know we ladies now me con dey cry as first timmer🤣🤣
But husby was like bby don’t worry it won’t be painful I will do it gently
Na so I summon courage
Everything start with a hot romance
What happen next was painful and sweet so happy I give him my virginity bcos he cherish it till date


My experience…

Then she was my girlfriend, now Ex.
Before the very deal day, I told her about my status as a fresher in the act.. so we both planned a day. That was on Thursday, then I was off campus (on vacation). She came down to my house, looking readily dressed..(cold catch me) but as I guy na, I wouldn’t want to shake or do like S.U…
We were all alone in the house.. that alone gave me morale , ginja me(today na today).. so she came down to my room, u know as my girlfriend, I could kiss her Normal normal, but the main jiggy itself was what am yet to have..
So after we kissed..I held something soft. Then she looked at me and smiles.. that one alone gave me courage n go ahead…later she stopped n told me this,,
“Am ur girlfriend okay, so don’t be scared touching me”
It’s was as if they poured ice chilled water on me… So she undressed herself, I did also,,

Though its wasn’t her first time but her third.. she personally me that.. she tutored me in the first fixing.. but.. but..
Let me know lie ooo.. I kind went hard on her( almost injured her)
After all the drama, at the very end.. SHE SMILED AND TOLD ME, YOU WANT TO KILL ME ABI,
at that very time,I was scared ..

That experience still ringing in my head…


*MY FIRST EVER SEX* was when i was 13 years old, i was innocent buh i know i have prick and what it is use for aside for unrinating 😉 because the street we were then is a corrupt street. then boom this woman and her children (twins two girls) rent the apartment behind our house the woman did not have husband but come home with different men(she is olosho but i dont know then i thought they are her friends)….
We become friends, the two girls(twins), me, ahmed, seun, frank, and another girl pelumi(we went in the same primary school and we live in the same street the five of us except the twins).
We usually play very well but its normal suwe, in and out and other stuffs then the twins introduce mummy and daddy play to us telling us how it goes in details we acted it well the first day and second day then the third day was on saturday the twins now invited us to their house o frank didn’t come because his mom was at home buh pelumi, seun, ahmed and i went to their house they have a separate room for the two of them(the twin). After five minutes or more of our stay in their house nepa brought light 🏮 we all dashed to their palour to watch movie little did we know that the last movie that was watched before nepa took light earlier was blue film we sat down was waiting for the movie to start then boom the blue film started from where it stopped(it read last memory) thats where the kanji started we were all silent for like 2 mins and one of the twins was sitting beside me kehinde my prick have stand she saw it and moved closer she touched it and i didn’t object we were the first to start having sex in the sitting room o then others now join seun took pelumi and ahmed took taye as if we were all expecting it nobody talked we did it(thats was my first ever sex orgy and gangbang too) we took turns after 4mins i guess i stopped with kehinde and told seun to go to her while i had pelumi too and taye last…..
When we were done we all departed and that was the end of that day play we didn’t see each other again that day then the next day we all hook up again in that same house and do it all over again but this time in the twins room… I don’t know if those girls were virgins but when we fuck them none of them bleed and all three of them(the girls) have small breasts…

Barbie Slim

As you guys know
First sex experience is always painful as a lady,cos everywhere go still tight
I did it with my ex
We broke up not quite too long tho
And even b4 him,I had another ex,but that previous ex tried all possible ways for me to give in,I didn’t
So this one we’ve been dating for like 5 months
I didn’t allow him ,he was always complaining like I didn’t allow him to do what bf do their gf,that it’s not easy sleeping beside a lady without touching her,this continued on and on,I would still say no o,cos I didn’t trust him yet,he would only kiss me,suck my breast and I will touch his dick o,so after some time sha I began to pity him like it was as if I was making him suffer,so this night he began to beg as usual ooo,na so I come pity am o,say oya,and he knows it’s actually my first time,he promised to do it gently,and promised not to pour cos I told him my biggest fear is pregnancy o,na so he kiss me o,we romance o,na so he off pant oo
The next things was as something like iron enter inside me,I scream o
Na so he remove am back
Ask me to relax,then put it inside again screamed again but this time he no look my face
It was actually very painful throughout
So he was like ever since he has been fucking,this is the one he enjoyed most
That it’s so tight lol


Sex experience 😉
It happened 17 July 2017..
That day, I never wanted to but babe gat no choice…
As per first tym.. Inspiration for different style no com..
That was when i learnt doggie..
We went 5 rounds..
My brother the entry lasan..
I screamed..
.. After then.. We do bj
Since then my name has been lollipop, his the who gave me the name…
Sad news is that we broke up last year December..
Been together for 4yrs 6month..
But we still talk ohh..
We still dey knack each other

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